Wayland Baptist University Wrestling

Wayland Wrestling Camps

Camp Rules


1.      The Residence Hall Supervisor is in charge of the dorm.  Camp staff will cooperate fully with the Supervisor’s requests and directions.  Sponsor/coaches will supervise their squads.

2.      We ask that no signs be taped on walls, windows or doors inside dorms.  Any decoration to dorm rooms will be made on the hanging boards provided in each room.  No nails, tacks or tape will be placed on walls, windows or doors.  The camper / participant will be responsible for any damages to their room.

3.      Furniture in dorm rooms or lobbies should not be moved.

4.      Eating in dorm lobbies is discouraged.  Any damage to furniture or carpet will be the responsibility of the camper / guardian

5.      The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden while on campus.

6.      Members of the opposite sex are not permitted in the residence hall.

7.      No pets are permitted in the dorms. 

8.      Respect others by watching your language and taking care of the facilities.

9.      Please remember that school is in session while you are here and keep noise level around Fleming-Mayes, Ferguson, Owen, Davis, and Caprock to an absolute minimum.  Quiet hours are from 10:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

10.  Keys will be assigned to sponsors/coaches/advisors.  No keys are to be given to campers.  Sponsors/coaches will be responsible for returning keys at the end of camp.  Lost room keys will result in a charge of $50.00 per key to sponsors/coaches/advisors.

11.  Campers should keep doors locked at all times.  The University will not be responsible for lost or stolen property from campers’ rooms.

12.  Dorm entrance doors should not be propped open at any time. 

13.  Report all problems concerning dorm rooms and restrooms to the Residence Hall Supervisor, or Wrestling Camp Staff (chaperones, wrestling counselors, and coaches).

14.  False alarms resulting from pulling fire alarms in the dorm are a Class B misdemeanor punishable by state law.  Anyone caught setting off a false alarm is subject to arrest, fine and jail time. 

15.  Jugs MAY NOT be filled with soft drinks from the cafeteria.  Water will be available.   

We are happy to have you on our campus.  We hope the above guidelines make your camp run more smoothly and your stay here at Wayland more pleasant for your group and our students.